Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Family fall bucketlist

     Making list is always at the top of my list... (see what I did there?). And before you ask, yes i am one of those people that like to write stuff down just so they have something to check off...

      Since having kids, but especially since Nalia is old enough to truly grasp the magic of every season, I've wanted to create more memories together and teach her as much as possible through play. I've been struggling to connect with her in various activities. Lately the only place we see eye to eye is sharing crayons and a colouring book... Or in the kitchen, in the few minutes she wants to 'help out' before she decides she's bored and leaves me hanging with a few extra messes to clean up. I  wish to make things as much fun as possible for her and sometimes I'm afraid I am not doing a very good job at that...  Especially now that my hands are full with our little one and Nalia's entire world is upside down, I want to be able to give her more quality in our time spent together.

     Enter the Fall Bucket List!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Taking stock 13

      I haven't done one of these in about a million years, but i'm happy to be posting on my blog anyway, so this is where it's at!  :)

      I can't really say what made me lose interest in my online space, but it certainly made me feel somewhat guilty that I couldn't keep up. It may be the fact that, as many other people, I too have turned to Instagram more and more. It made it impossible to follow all the accounts I enjoy following over there, posting for my own account and make extra time to return my attention to the blog.

      It may also be the fact that I am a bit frustrated with the 'looks' of my page. It remained only half done and I can't say I'm excited to be here as it is.  Or the plain fact that I simply do not have time to pull out my big girl camera and document our everyday enough to provide me with material to post.

     One thing that I kinda left out of sight is the fact that in this over-cosmetised world of social media, I do keep this space for myself. That should be all the motivation I need to keep posting. It should remain a timeline of our everyday lives together that I can look back upon, regardless of how  'perfect'  everything looks. It should continue to be about my memories and the thoughts I feel like letting out into the Universe...

    But let's go back to the stock... here's how I've been feeling lately:

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Our maternity photoshoot

     Back in June, we had an awesome maternity photoshoot with a very talented photographer from my hometown of Arad. We have previously done a studio session with Bianca Unc and were thrilled that despite her busy schedule, we managed to make it happen. After brainstorming locations and worrying about the rainy weather, we decided, what better or more meaningful place to have it in than near our home and in my mother's garden. Said and done and I could not have been happier with the outcome. We had prepared some cupcake props by the very talented Moni and my friend and extraordinary do-it-all Bianca Morariu provided us with beautiful helium balloons and it brought everything together so nicely!

     Getting Nalia in the photo-shoot mood wasn't short of challenging, but Bianca captured the best of us as a soon to be family of 4...

Friday, November 2, 2018

This month...

I will:

* write more
* eat better / meal plan
* plan a photoshoot in Romania
* organize iPhone photos
* read
* stay positive
* be a better parent
* keep Nalia healthy
* get Romanian birth certificate for baby
* go outside more
* try out kids spaces in Munich
* plan  our vacation for next year
* spend wisely
* find a better family routine
* do more homeschooling activities
* apply for state kindergarten
* use essential oils 
* take more pictures and videos
* host a 'Friendsgving' dinner
* waste less (food, plastic,etc.)
* plan Christmas gifts
* plan a Christmas dinner with friends in Romania
* go to the dentist
* prepare application for Hebammen Berufsschule 
* get a projector
* offer more support to my husband
* use our time more efficiently


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This month

I will:

* sort out this blog
* write about my experiences
* make a fall bucket list and start checking it off 
* have a newborn photoshoot
* put up prints on the walls
* meal plan 
* go to Oktoberfest 
* listen to music
* continue teaching Nalia
* play more
* start moving
* plan our vacation in 2019
* make apple pie
* play board games
* take a walk at the Isar 
* collect 'treasures' with Nalia 
* massive Instagram feed clean-up
* clear iPhone photos
* make more family videos
* dye my own hair
* keep Nalia healthy
* eat better
* take more pictures
* read
* watch documentaries
* paint something
* get a back massage (or 3!)
* get Romanian birth certificate for Leah Sara


Saturday, September 1, 2018

This month...

I will:

* book a newborn photoshoot
* post on blog
* take more pictures
* finish up house
* put up prints
* buy flowers
* make a fall bucket list
* fix iPhone screen
* organize pantry items
* listen to more music
* ballet classes for Nalia
* read
* massive instagram feed clean-up
* make Nalia comfortable at Kindergarten drop-off
* recover after birth 
* attend social media events
* get a haircut
* haircut for Nalia
* meal plan
* homeschool activities
* get stroller from Abu Dhabi
* try new places in Munich
* learn more about house plants
* buy new lipstick
* buy a new coat
* repot plants
* go to Oktoberfest
* meet the girls 
* dentist appointment
* dentist appointment for Nalia
* buy a dirndl for Nalia


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This month...

I will:

* go to the zoo
* take vitamins
* buy stroller and car seat for baby
* have a date night
* do something nice for Maruan's birthday
* get him a meaningful gift
* take more pictures
* post on blog
* install art prints on our wall
* bake with Nalia
* order kitchen drawers
* meal plan
* start kindergarten
* read
* eliminate impulse buys
* waste less ( water, food, plastic, supplies)
* rest more
* have a picnic by the Isar
* meet someone new
* prepare for birth
* have a girl's date
* eat better / cook more at home
* do and document homeschool activities
* create better content
* finish up organising the apartment


Sunday, July 1, 2018

This month...

I will:

* drive back to Munich
* learn to take care of plants
* register Nalia in Kindergarten
* take vitamins
* go to the zoo
* find ballet class for Nalia
* do and document homeschool activities
* buy a crib and stroller for baby
* finish organising our home
* have a picnic
* finish reading 2 books
* install art and prints on our walls
* print out photos for our albums
* post on the blog + refresh blog look
* go to a Flohmarkt
* bake a cake
* order kitchen drawers
* grow something with Nalia
* try new recipes together
* prepare for Kindergarten
* visit a farm
* go to a lake
* lern to declutter
* use / keep a planner
* be more accountable for the food we buy
* waste less (water, food, plastic, supplies)
* meal plan
* try to eliminate impulse buys
* have a girl's night


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bachelorette weekend

     Oh...these beautiful girls of mine... I never get enough of time spent with them! They are the best! Conversations are always flowing, they always have smart, insightful things to say and we, do we laugh so hard! :D

Friday, June 8, 2018

Life in the countryside

     I have previously spoken about the joys of visiting the countryside in Bayern and here's another one of those joyful occasions. It has been a while since we managed to visit our relatives. With our move and travels and fixing up our new place, plus getting re-aquainted with the beautiful city of Munich, we just could not find the opportunity to go. Until we did.

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