Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The new Year

     Here we are again, in front of another ending and a new beginning in the same time. I salute the year of 2011. It has brought me a great deal of beautiful memories, new feelings and experiences, new acquaintances, a shared life and the proposal every woman is waiting to hear. It was amazing and I have hundreds of photos to prove it! :D

     Now I am greeting the New Year of 2012 with great expectations and hope. Here are some of the things that I've put on my Resolutions list:

  • Plan our great wedding in Romania
  • Get a job
  • Volunteer
  • Get a dog
  • Start learning Arabic
  • Continue German language courses
  • Take a drawing/painting class
  • Travel somewhere each month(Paris & Berlin are already in plan)
  • See more concerts
  • Loose 7 kg
  • Send postcards/flowers
  • Read min. 6 books
  • Put photos on the walls
  • Eat healthy
  • Be more patient/positive
  • Buy fresh flowers every week
  • Go to the sea/ocean
  • Get a new laptop
  • Keep blog posting regularly


.....that is where we will be the next 5 days! Can't wait to visit Garda Lake/Verona/Venice/Modena/Bologna!!! Roadtriiiiiip! yuhuuuuuuu!!! :D

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful day! It was filled with joy, love, laughter and great company! It looks like I was a very good girl this year, since Santa got me everything I put on my wish list and more... Unfortunately some of the nicest photos of me opening my gifts are taken vertically and as I try to put them on the blog, they come out reversed... 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho! Ho! Hoooo!

      In short, today has been a long day, filled with administrative runs, house chores, backing, cookie decorating aaaand a lot of sugar! We have outdone ourselves this year with trying to accomplish everyone's wishes for this Holiday! ;)

     We managed to get (hopefully) all the right gifts, put up a tree (our first), decorated the house, bought a 'Christmas plant', backed, painted cookies,  Christmas pj's, Christmas table settings, Christmas Spirit!

     It is mostly special to me because it is our first spent as husband and wife with all that this entails.

     It is the time for holding our loved ones close, for hugging and smiling and sharing our warmth, for sending our best words to those we care so much about, a time for making wishes and drawing lines on the wishes past, a time to look the future boldly in the eyes and telling: I'm gonna get you! , a time to put thoughts in balance, all hopes in place and erase regrets. It is also a time to remember, the times that vanished, the happiest memories thus far, the best people we met and the ones that have enriched our lives but can no longer grace us with their presence. To me that is how Christmas should feel like. Now it's the time!

     That is what I wish you all! 

Best decision I ever made...

...was to marry my husband. The man of my life, my greatest love,my friend, my everything! I am feeling truly overwhelmed and still need some time to grasp the whole meaning of this, but I am happy! I do really feel all those cheesy feelings, butterflies and everything.

     There are not many things that I know and am right about ( OK, I am right about a lot of things :P), but I know and am right about our love. About our trust. About our companionship. About our understanding. About our friendship. About our passion. About our dreams. About our support. About our comfort. About or complementarity. About our reasons. About our emotions. About our common grounds. About our mix. About our hearts. About our lives and the journey we are starting together.

     There is only one more thing I can think of saying:
     Thank you, my love, for choosing me and giving meaning to my life!



Hello there! 
I must firstly apologize (to myself) for not keeping my word and posting with a certain regularity. There has been so much going on...I simply found it hard to compose myself, sit down and share with you. 
This is my attempt to catch up, even though shortly:

 went for a short visit back home to Romania

 2 premieres for my mom: first time in a cinema(after 30 years)
 and first time ever with a plane!
 Having our family here in Munich for a pre-Christmas weekend

it's great being close to my mom
 trip to Nurnberg

 last minute shopping

my moms :D

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas wishlist

      You may think I am a freak, but I actually have an all-time-wish-list that I complete and check-off every time I get something from it. Weather it actually works as a positive energizer or it's just wishful thinking, I find it a good tool. That way I know exactly what I want (without buying things impulsively), never run out of gifting ideas and not to mention the satisfaction it gives me checking it off. 
      This Christmas I decided to publicize my little wish-list, because now I have a blog to share it on, for the people that may need inspiration and because I've seen almost everyone has one. A list , that is. :D

 Bon Iver album/cheerful umbrella
 house shoes for our guests/DVD series 
 hot water bottle/compact hair dryer
 vinyl record player/earrings holder
 classic alarm clock/mortar and pestle

 Vanilla room perfume/salad spinner
 H&M dressing gown/eyelash curler
 Poinsettia flower/tree ornaments
 more tree ornaments/ Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

source: Pinterest.com 

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