Wednesday, August 31, 2011

in Arad, Romania

     So we ran off to my hometown for a couple of days last week, for the wedding of some of our dearest friends!
     Of course, as far as I am concerned that was just one of the reasons, cos I had planned a million other "to do's"... I had to renew my passport that had expired, make a short term travels insurance, visit the doctor's office for a regular check-up, hair-mani-pedi was also on the list, buy some books and dictionaries, do some fall shopping, meet my friend Alina, prepare a surprise dinner for my wonderful boyfriend and try my best to keep him out of the loop and lastly, enjoy it all! :D
     We just had 2 days at disposal to do it all , but with the help of our dearest ones back home, it was all possible, not to mention, THAT was one of the most beautiful weddings i've been to! one of the nicest things about it- you could really feel the love!
     Here are just some of the 700 photos we took on the way (we stopped in Salzburg for a few hours-photos in another post) and during our short stay back home:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

isn't that just perfect?

This is one of those activities I would never say no to. It's just sooo relaxing! And on top of that, the 22 degrees weather we've been having around here is just perfect! quick... before the rain comes!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

going home

     There is a certain thrill that overwhelms me every time I have to go back home. I've only lived here in Munich for about a year and a half, but it seems like it's been a decade! I have gotten used to it, the big,beautiful city that still seems to surprise me and prove that i have yet to discover everything.

     Maybe that is why going back to Arad, the root of my existence, makes me feel like a tourist. All the same, but different every time, familiar and strange all together, home and still foreign. There is so much beauty that lies in the memories of my lifetime, that makes me want to come back often, but not as often that it would make these feelings disappear. I have found happiness away, but going back to the comfort that only my mother can give me, is just beautiful.

A lot of contradictory feelings. The thrill... It is late in the night, but I can't close an eye... There are too many thoughts to think trough...much to do and almost no time at all! 

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