Monday, August 8, 2011

101 things to do...

     My 'things to do' post is an actual mix of things for the present  and lifetime wishes. As I was searching for inspiration, i stumbled across many 'to do' lists and couldn't help but notice that I have already fulfilled a lot of things that other people only wish for. I feel blessed! I did not include those in this list. some may seem childish or irrelevant, but i reflected on each point enough to know one important thing: checking it would make me happy! here goes:

001. Start a blog *
002. Make a personal scrapbook * started 28 July 2011
003. Take drawing/painting classes
004. Learn Arabic
005. Try Yoga
006. Go camping
007. Improve your German * still working on it
008. Loose some weight
009. Buy fresh flowers every week * I'm loving that
010. Give blood
011. Sleep at 10 for 10 nights in a row
012. Travel somewhere each month
013. Save money for vacations (weekly)
014. Read min. 6 books/year
015. Give up Internet&TV 1 day/ week
016. Send postcards to the ones you love for no reason
017. Learn to bake
018. DIY - do something on your own
019. Go to the Circus/Cirque du Soleil show
020. Learn Photoshop
021. Do voluntary work
022. Grow your own plants (make a garden)
023. Buy a pair of Converse shoes
024. Go bungee-jumping
025. Get a tatoo
026. Donate clothes
027. Buy an expensive camera
028. Buy a video-camera
029. Eat more fruits
030. Take off make-up before sleeping
031. Get 'Sex and the City' on Dvd's
032. Take belly-dancing classes
033. Have your portrait painted
034. Go skinny-dipping
035. Know your neighbors
036. Go to concerts * not going to list them all
037. Get a dog
038. Plant a tree
039. Spend winter holidays at the beach
040. Sing karaoke ( in front of an audience)
041. Own something very expensive
042. Get the job of your dreams
043. Donate money
044. Once/year, make a trip with your best friend (alone)
045. Ride a gondola in Venice
046. Learn to dance salsa * my boyfriend's older brother is a salsa instructor ;)
047. Witness an Eclipse * (1999)
048. Ride a jet-ski
049. Swim in the Ocean
050. Ride a horse
051. Learn to play one song on the guitar
052. Make a road trip in the USA
053. Listen to classical music (while cooking)
054. Become a vegetarian for 1 month
055. Visit the Louvre
056. Ride a mechanical bull
057. Ride a camel in the desert
058. Attend Glastonbury festival (or other big music festivals in Europe)
059. Fly a kite
060. Learn to make a quilt
061. Watch all the movies that won an Oscar for 'best picture'
062. Go to a Spa
063. Sleep in a castle (or another unusual place)
064. Own a business
065. Audition for a commercial or extra in a movie
066. See as many of the World's Wonders
067. Try out oysters
068. Go ice-skating
069. Jump into a pool fully clothed * done that once at a wedding-waiting for a remake)
070. Get a henna tattoo
071. Try at least 3 (very) exotic fruits (rambutan, durian, dragon fruit, African cucumber, Lychee, etc.)
072. Throw someone a surprise-party * I'm all about surprises- done it 4 times already
073. Make a 'Harry Potter' Marathon
074. Make love outdoors * don't expect the details ;)
075. Visit all the countries in Europe * so far: Ro, Hu, Fr, It, De, At, Slo
076. Fly 1st class
077. Meet someone famous* due to my job, i have met various Romanian and International celebrities
078. Make bread
079. Float on the Dead Sea
080. Buy something off E-bay
081. See 3 movies at the cinema in one day
082. Have a water-balloon fight
083. Read the entire Bible * the last time i was 10
084. Go on a cruise
085. Spend one day in complete silence
086. Keep a secret * it's not mine to tell
087. Take your car trough the car-wash
088. Collect Something * mugs, angel figurines
089. Make a tour of Romania
090. Make a tour of Italy
091. Create a personal recipe book
092. Make an outfit post on your blog
093. Start your own family tradition
094. Go to a costume party * Fasching Carnival (Arabic woman/50's rockabilly)
095. Own at least 10 board games
096. Buy something vintage
097. Go berry picking * raspberries&blackberries in the country side :D
098. Join a club/organization
099. Wear a flower in your hair
100. Take a summer class
101. Send someone flowers * my mom back in Ro

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