Friday, August 5, 2011

figuring things out

       So far i got some approving thoughts from my boyfriend and my best friend regarding the idea of keeping a blog. I was encouraged to do so and that just filled me up with joy and motivation! that was the purpose of it, after all. ;)

       I know this may sound funny, but i am still a beginner at this and am just now discovering how everything really works. 

      I've just figured out, that there can't ever be a lack of inspiration for my blog... in the past 2 days all I've been doing was watch, search and follow tens and tens of blogs! it is just great! Last time i was dipping my fingers into the blogosphere, I had no idea about all the blog-platforms out there. just scouting bloglovin' gets me all excited!

      There is so much niceness and positivity out there, it just makes me want to do more of that myself! which is great! again, as far as I am concerned, that is the purpose of this! So far i've been writing down ideas and comments and it's all twirling up in my head so get's all coming! :D

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