Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a little late: weekend post

we had an amazing extended weekend since Monday was free, so we've planned plenty of stuff to fit in it! :D

on Friday- we made a picnic

Saturday was my first Flohmarkt/Flea market

here's what i bought

 this little wooden box

 this serving platter(I am planning a collection)

and this lovely pink glass bowl

 followed by a short walk in the park

 and ended the evening with a couple of cocktails and nice chat

 Sunday we managed to catch a couple of hours in the sun

then we had a lovely BBQ dinner

 we went salsa-dancing at Buena Vista Bar

on Monday we had the cutest/laziest day ever, but we got ourselves out for cinema in the evening

I took many more beautiful pictures on each occasion, but as it seems, there is some kind of conflict between blogger and my camera, cos it keeps turning my photos side-ways... till I figure it out we are only left with these!
have a of the week!

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