Friday, August 12, 2011

this past week

This past week has been a nice one. The weather situation improved a bit, which made me shine inside and out!here are some photos I took so far. We've got a busy weekend lined up, so expect some more coming! :D

fruits and some flowers in my window

best ice-cream in town and a lovely salad

in the city

Viktualienmarkt (one of the oldest landmarks in Munich)

all kinds of berries 

amazing flowers at the market

the ones I bought

Marienplatz - Rathaus 

there is always room for green in the city

more fruits, at my favourite fruits&vegetables store

special new place that I discovered... 

I am sooo in love with this building! 

some snap-shots of Wienerplatz 

Lunch (broccoli creme-soup)

some of the things I enjoy most 

 the Isar River

the Isar River

 the Isar River

something fun

we have also been at a small concert on Thursday night and discovered some amazing talents:

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