Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

finally, vacation!

I can't wait to get there! Still have some packing to do, but I hope we won't forget anything important! I also hope we have a really great time, without any incidents, especially considering we are being very spontaneous about this - no reservations! :D 
Don't know how the Internet situation is going to be over there, but I'll make sure to post a tone of pictures when I return. B-bye!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

great weekend!

     We've had indeed a great weekend! We decided to go to Frankfurt to visit the lovely Nina and get to know the last pair of aunt/uncle in my boyfriend's family! we left Munich very early on Saturday to get to spend as much time of the day in Frankfurt-which I officially loveee!

     It was so nice seeing Nina again and she seemed so happy to see us as well! We headed right to lunch, had a salad and tried out some local drink - apfelwein. Of course we served everything with a lot of laughter and fun! :) Than we went walking trough the city, going around some very expensive shops, admiring or sometimes not, wondering and making jokes all along. It is understood that we had ice cream, Starbucks and I simply HAD to make a quick stop at the Hugendubel bookshop where I finally found the Chelsea Handler books that I've wanted for so long, among other things. As we started loosing the feeling in our feet by sunset, we decided to just lay down by the Main river and have a beer.

     Later in the evening we have finally got to Franz and Anne, some 60 km out of the city. Not that I didn't think we would have a good time, but it really exceeded my expectations! They have a beautiful home,with large open spaces, tasteful decor all around and a lovely terrace. Lots of vegetation both to please the eye and protect one's privacy...I loved it!

     They were such nice hosts to us, we had the yummiest dinner and then tried out a selection of white wines, since they are truly passionate. No need to mention how great our German conversation skills got after the third glass, but we had a great time!

     On Sunday we've all had breakfast together (and what a breakfast it was) and the been offered with a tour of the nearby region. Even though the weather wasn't ideal, it was amazing! Never thought it was such a touristic area, totally worth visiting! ( Gau Algesheim, Bingen am Rhein, Bacharach, Rüdesheim am Rhein, Johanisberg).

     We finally went on our way back to Munich around 5 in the afternoon and had a not so cozy ride with crazy storms, winds and a full moon, but we made it all right and were very pleased with how our little trip had turned out! 

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