Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm totally loving this!

     I started watching Mad Men a couple of weeks ago and I suddenly felt it's really hard not to fall in my old patterns of sitting in front of the TV for hours and hours at once till it's all consumed... I'm just loving it!  The stories, the characters, the issues, the decor, the fashion, the lifestyle! ah...the lifestyle!

     Although I quit smoking for over 2 years now( don't think I could ever start again), this movie practically showed me why people started smoking to begin with, making it all soo popular... They were doing it with such nonchalance and unawareness...anytime, anywhere, or better said, everywhere! I found the ignorance of it, totally attractive!  

     Oh..and the women...powerless and  in the same time so powerful! The charm they had to show, the politeness and shyness, not to mention the beauty, the hard work they'd put into keeping the entire household together, raising the children and making sure at the end of the day they are the freshest, prettiest and most attractive in the whole universe! I find it absolutely fascinating!

     The issues they brought up...some of them so old some of them still very actual, it all just makes for a very interesting 45 minutes cocktail for me to enjoy, one after another, after another and one more... ;)



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