Monday, October 31, 2011

lovely day at the market, in Arad!

     This is probably one of my dearest memories: going with my mom at the central market, browsing trough the rows of tables and filling our bags with all sorts of goodies. That is why I just loved it so much that we found the time to do this again. Just me and my mom at the market.

Arad, my love...

     There is no nicer feeling than coming back home once in a while... seeing all the oh so familiar streets, different places, the cafes that bring up so many sweet memories, meeting old friends, still there for you, savoring the best-tasting foods and generally being spoiled by mum.
      I guess ever since we first discussed my moving to Munich, it was absolutely understated that I would return to my birthplace every 3-4 months or so... and that is what i've done so far. There were no impediments like you know, the regular job, or others. ;)
     Here are some pics from my last trip back home, where everything is good:

 'Hotel Arad' Restaurant
 great view of the city center

 tears of joy
 time spent with our dearest and nearest

 falling asleep in my childhood bed
 nice details

 street side view

plan, planner, planning, planned

     The last week feels a little bit hazy right about now, but in the same time, i am fully satisfied! After getting the marriage proposal things just started rolling pretty fast as far as planning (and acting on it) our future wedding goes. I don't know weather it's because I poses certain talents in organizing stuff, or if it's just the fact that I know precisely what I want, or maybe I am just not that pretentious about these things , but I managed to book/schedule/plan all of the important parts in one week!

   I was lucky enough to have my best friend , Anamaria with me along for the ride, so I rushed home to Arad in order to get things done as quick as possible. Sooo we have officially set a date on the 23rd of June. We have made an approximated guest-list, booked the location, church details, contacted the decorating company and a band, decided on our godparents, bridesmaids/groomsmen and ordered the wedding rings.       

     Phew...that feels good and gives me a lot of comfort, knowing that it will (hopefully) be a stress-free period till then. Now come the details, but I am in no hurry over those, still got plenty of time to choose how I wish everything o look like on the big day!
     Next up, Big Day No 1,we would love to be able to do the civil ceremony in December, but still have to sort out some paper issues.

Ana took some pretty awesome snaps on our girly Romanian road trip, as I was too busy driving, so here are some of them:

on our way to RO

and on our (sunnier) way back to DE

That was it and we loved it! :D

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