Monday, October 31, 2011

Arad, my love...

     There is no nicer feeling than coming back home once in a while... seeing all the oh so familiar streets, different places, the cafes that bring up so many sweet memories, meeting old friends, still there for you, savoring the best-tasting foods and generally being spoiled by mum.
      I guess ever since we first discussed my moving to Munich, it was absolutely understated that I would return to my birthplace every 3-4 months or so... and that is what i've done so far. There were no impediments like you know, the regular job, or others. ;)
     Here are some pics from my last trip back home, where everything is good:

 'Hotel Arad' Restaurant
 great view of the city center

 tears of joy
 time spent with our dearest and nearest

 falling asleep in my childhood bed
 nice details

 street side view

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