Friday, October 7, 2011


     As much as one(me) would like to always be the soul of the party and the joy in every conversation...things are not always turning out that way... I have always suffered when knowing that someone doesn't like me or doesn't enjoy my company... call it selfish (if you will), but i just can't stand the thought..if there are 50 people in the room and only one that i don't get a positive vibe from, you can be sure I will be all bummed wrong is that? :P  Have no idea where that comes from... could be good material for a psychiatrist :D ...or maybe is just as easy as the fact that I grew as a single, spoiled child...
     Anyway... what I was actually going to say is, that I have a lot of admiration for people who always manage to stay positive and put a smile on their face no matter what they've been trough. People who just love making other people happy and spread warm feelings and happy thoughts all around. People who live lovingly, colorful lives! People who always come up with the greatest, funniest ideas of cheering other people up!
     I love people. I love the people that are around me right now. But I just can't be all positive, cute and hugging all the time...sometimes I would be the one saying or doing something that cuts off other people's enthusiasm. But that never gives me a good feeling either...
     I wouldn't say I fall in the category that always sees the glass half empty, but I sure am struggling to always see the bright side of things...sometimes, at least!

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