Monday, October 17, 2011

The best day of my far! :D

     Today started out...not so good...I was filling sore, had pains in my chest, runny nose and a woozy head. Didn't think it would be much of a day, let a long a very important one.

     The weather outside was so nice, with cozy sun and all the golden leaves, that Maruan finally convinced me to go out for a short walk. Little did I know that I was in for a BIG surprise! As we were standing on the bridge over the Isar river, in the park nearby, I was taking pictures left and right, leaving Maruan behind, than I hear him asking for me to turn around, only to see him holding the most beautiful ring, kneeling down and saying: Will you marry me?
     Makes no sense to mention I was in shock, belted out 3 yeses and started crying!

     You know, we've been together 2 years and a half, talked about this sort of things and even made lovely plans for the future. But there is no talk or discussion or bit of imagination in the world that could prepare you for that perfect moment when your perfect man hands you the perfect ring and asks for your hand in matrimony.

     That is it. That is how the rest of our lives begins!

 didn't have a clue...


 It was a wonderful day

 still no clue...


 we're engaged!

p.s. I wold have loved to make it with the post on the 16th, but starring at my ring just took way more time than expected :D  16.10.2011  is, nevertheless, a date to remember forever!

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