Sunday, October 23, 2011

lazy days

     I must appologize for my absence in the last days, I've been out of inspiration. All I could think of is how and what I would like to have at our wedding, which is being planned for sometimes in June next year. It's almost like I had all these thoughts locked up in a drawer somewhere and now they fly free...guess it's normal...first time bride!
     Didn't do much else these last days. We met a dear friend of ours who has just returned from a 4 weeks trip to Jordan, Israel and Palestine. She was very much impressed and it was a pleasure hearing her stories and seeing photos from far away.
     Last week I have sent my first job application here in Germany. Got no answer so far, which made me clearly understand that I must put (a lot) more effort into this matter. Jobs don't just find themselves.
     Other than that, I am very grateful that my cold has finally decided to leave me, so I can carry on enjoying my time!  :D

    Here are some snaps from last week:

 my friend, Katrin took me out for a walk at the Isar

 we had a great October day

 admired the beautiful colors of fall

 had a tasty and cheap dinner

 got a surprise visit from beautiful Nina
 and found ourselves some pretty fun indoor activities
+ the awesome baked apples 

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