Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn part I

     We've seen it yesterday...loved it! it was also my most favorite book...I've read it all in like 3 days! :D now we have to wait another year till we get the final part! :(


Nürnberg - part 2

     Here are some photos from day nr. 2 in this lovely city! We started the day with a perfect breakfast made by our perfect hosts! Then we took a nice tram ride to the center city, where we started walking on and on and on trough the little streets full of people. :)
     There were so many things you could purchase in the market stalls, but I limited myself to a few Christmas tree ornaments :D

 our lovely breakfast - the pigeon ;)

 trough the city

 beautiful decorations

 yummm all around

 walking around this town almost feels magical

 Christmas Spirit

 sweetest things!

 amongst all, I found Romania! :D

27.11.11  Roses are still in bloom

 we enjoyed the beautiful weather

 found a house like a museum!

 thrift much?
 I was overjoyed cos I got my hands on some beautiful pots/plates and ornaments!
 the way home

Nürnberg - part 1

     As we've planned that we would visit new places every month, no matter the distance, this month we managed to keep up with our promise and head over to Nürnberg. Needless to say, the Christkindlesmarkt is in full bloom and the place is absolutely charming! I loved it!

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