Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nürnberg - part 2

     Here are some photos from day nr. 2 in this lovely city! We started the day with a perfect breakfast made by our perfect hosts! Then we took a nice tram ride to the center city, where we started walking on and on and on trough the little streets full of people. :)
     There were so many things you could purchase in the market stalls, but I limited myself to a few Christmas tree ornaments :D

 our lovely breakfast - the pigeon ;)

 trough the city

 beautiful decorations

 yummm all around

 walking around this town almost feels magical

 Christmas Spirit

 sweetest things!

 amongst all, I found Romania! :D

27.11.11  Roses are still in bloom

 we enjoyed the beautiful weather

 found a house like a museum!

 thrift much?
 I was overjoyed cos I got my hands on some beautiful pots/plates and ornaments!
 the way home

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