Wednesday, November 9, 2011

time flies

     Man, how time flies! I just promised I would post more often than last week , but time just didn't keep up with me!

     We had a pretty over the top emotional week over here... between planning and cooking up ideas for our wedding, to budgeting and trying to agree on everything I want/he wants, it was pretty messy. Add up a pretty bad case of PMS and you'll be getting the right picture! :D

     The thing is, I realized how quickly we can forget what is important and get caught up in the detailing. How it really matters that we stay on the same page and keep things realistic, yet still in a nice perspective. OK, OK, it was all me who got a little bit carried away with the things 'I' want and 'I' know best, but the circumstances didn't help much either! Now I took a step back, listened and rationalized and managed to check all the right boxes on our 'to do' list. No getting carried away anymore! I hereby promise to keep my 'bridezilian' outbursts to a minimum!  :D


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