Friday, November 25, 2011


     My weekend started off on the right foot...well, on both my feet actually. Yeah, I mean those 2 feet that are hurting me like a thousand knives scratched on their bottom.

    How come, you ask? well... I just happen to have a pair of high-heeled shoes that only go out in the city about 2x a year, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, through my poor judgement, today was one of them. And there wasn't even that much walking and standing involved, so you can imagine how damaging these shoes really are... OK, OK, I'll stop one ever said I had to wear them and why the hell did I buy them in the first place???

    The rest of the day was actually very nice( not too many photos though) with the scent of a girls day out, involving: brunch / starbucks / shopping for clothes / shopping for some foods / scratching some other stuff off the list and of course, a lot of girl talk... no need to go into details there :D :D :D

    We are planning to go to Nurnberg this weekend. I've never been, they say it's beautiful especially now that they opened the Christkindl markets.  Sooooo.... I wish everyone a great weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! :D :D

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Sanda said...

But the shoes looked great! And you, in them, fabulous!:D

How was Nürnberg?

toytulip said...

hey! Nürnberg was awesome! such a beautiful city!!! :D

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