Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best decision I ever made...

...was to marry my husband. The man of my life, my greatest love,my friend, my everything! I am feeling truly overwhelmed and still need some time to grasp the whole meaning of this, but I am happy! I do really feel all those cheesy feelings, butterflies and everything.

     There are not many things that I know and am right about ( OK, I am right about a lot of things :P), but I know and am right about our love. About our trust. About our companionship. About our understanding. About our friendship. About our passion. About our dreams. About our support. About our comfort. About or complementarity. About our reasons. About our emotions. About our common grounds. About our mix. About our hearts. About our lives and the journey we are starting together.

     There is only one more thing I can think of saying:
     Thank you, my love, for choosing me and giving meaning to my life!


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