Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas wishlist

      You may think I am a freak, but I actually have an all-time-wish-list that I complete and check-off every time I get something from it. Weather it actually works as a positive energizer or it's just wishful thinking, I find it a good tool. That way I know exactly what I want (without buying things impulsively), never run out of gifting ideas and not to mention the satisfaction it gives me checking it off. 
      This Christmas I decided to publicize my little wish-list, because now I have a blog to share it on, for the people that may need inspiration and because I've seen almost everyone has one. A list , that is. :D

 Bon Iver album/cheerful umbrella
 house shoes for our guests/DVD series 
 hot water bottle/compact hair dryer
 vinyl record player/earrings holder
 classic alarm clock/mortar and pestle

 Vanilla room perfume/salad spinner
 H&M dressing gown/eyelash curler
 Poinsettia flower/tree ornaments
 more tree ornaments/ Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook



Liz Harrell said...

That hot water bottle is adorable!

Unknown said...

Ha, I love the slippers for your guests! What a clever idea! And I love the pretty umbrella. I think I need one this year too :)

Thanks for linking up this week my dear!


Anonymous said...

I see many things that I like :) I usually have a permanent wishlist, too, but I rarely stick to it or cross things off...

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