Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho! Ho! Hoooo!

      In short, today has been a long day, filled with administrative runs, house chores, backing, cookie decorating aaaand a lot of sugar! We have outdone ourselves this year with trying to accomplish everyone's wishes for this Holiday! ;)

     We managed to get (hopefully) all the right gifts, put up a tree (our first), decorated the house, bought a 'Christmas plant', backed, painted cookies,  Christmas pj's, Christmas table settings, Christmas Spirit!

     It is mostly special to me because it is our first spent as husband and wife with all that this entails.

     It is the time for holding our loved ones close, for hugging and smiling and sharing our warmth, for sending our best words to those we care so much about, a time for making wishes and drawing lines on the wishes past, a time to look the future boldly in the eyes and telling: I'm gonna get you! , a time to put thoughts in balance, all hopes in place and erase regrets. It is also a time to remember, the times that vanished, the happiest memories thus far, the best people we met and the ones that have enriched our lives but can no longer grace us with their presence. To me that is how Christmas should feel like. Now it's the time!

     That is what I wish you all! 

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