Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring you all the joy and fulfillment you ever dreamed of... Health, luck, love and above all beauty, in all it's shapes and forms!  :)

Thank you for stepping by my little sharing corner, here on Toytulip! 

Welcome 2013!!!   :)

Holidays in ROmania (part IV)

     I am no longer meeting my old friends as much as I would like to... living far away and only visiting every 3 months, doesn't give us the possibility,but there is nothing stopping us from keeping up our Christmas party tradition and celebrating together: the holidays, time past, events and shared memories!

     I am excited and happy every chance we get to hang out together!

Holidays in ROmania (part III)

    There is no place like home! I really mean it... No matter where life would take you, nothing beats the feelings of comfort and joy when you are in the place you know best, with the people that know you best!


Holidays in ROmania (part II)


 Wonderful Christmas concert!

 Walked in front of the city hall...

Remembered the martyrs fallen in the 1989 Revolution...

Holidays in ROmania (part I)

     We returned just in time for celebrating New Year's with our friends, here in Germany, but we had a truly amazing holiday back home in Arad. I am so happy and so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people!
     I still can't believe all the gifts madness that came upon us! Everyone really over-did it this year, it might be the richest Santa that ever came our way!
     I will spread our trip documentation over several posts, cos as you may imagine they are photo-heavy! :)

     I hope everyone had wonderful celebrations with families and loved ones!



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