Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farewell 2011

 we bought a car/dressed up for Fasching
 My mom and grandma visited in March
 Easter was nice/had the best surprise party for my B-day in May
 enjoyed early summer/started our traveling 'plan'
 loved Frankfurt/had fun in July
 Enjoyed each moment with our friends: Ana
 Eelco, who visited from Holland
 August haze
 I had a lot of Me-time
 and lovely picnics by the river
 went to a flea market for the first time
 loved the summer
 celebrated a birthday on Aug. 26th
 Assisted at our friends beautiful wedding
 did some school-ing
 re-visited Frankfurt in September and discovered one of it's treasures
 had the best vacay in Morocco

 Went trough Oktoberfest no. 2
 experience life changing happiness/the proposal 16.10.2011
 fell in love with Autumn

  Made friends in November

 prepared for Holidays
 had a very rich Christmas
 made the greatest step of our relationship/16.12.2011
 Enjoyed a mini-honeymoon in Italy

 got amazed

 Ended the year with joy,hope and gratitude for everything we have in our lives!


Ana said...

You're always so smiley!<3

sanda said...

Awwwww! It looks that you had a full year! May the next one be at least 100 times better than this one!

toytulip said...

I try to smile as much as I can! Thanks for commenting Ana!

Now that I think about really was a great year! :D

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