Saturday, January 7, 2012


      I saw how a lot of people express their gratitude lately. They do it with such ease and conviction it made me think, maybe it does actually work. Maybe it really helps seeing life in more positive shades and feeling more relaxed about our purposes. So here is why I feel grateful now:

  • for being healthy (although there is room for improvement)
  • for being a creative person and never running out of ideas
  • for having love and comfort in my life
  • for having had a good education growing up
  • for being honest
  • for all the experiences good or bad, that made me who I am today
  • for all the people that choose to live their lives in a beautiful way, offering such inspiration
  • for the possibilities that lay ahead of me
  • for Starbucks, my comfort bubble
  • for civilization and modern life


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