Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Things that are OLIVE


Slightly obsessed

My first Insta-moments! :)

     Of course that since I bought an iPhone, the most natural next move was to be on Instagram as well... Daaaah!!!

     Here is a glimpse at my first Instagram experience! You can find me under Toytulip! :D

 Valentine's love/Starbucks moment
 Visiting my husband's family = no dieting!
 snaps along the way
 pretty spring shoes/pretty spring flowers
 finished PLL/a great dinner
a lovely day in 'my' city!
 tomato soup w. mini-mozzarella/a kiss

Friday, February 24, 2012

a little insight

Name: We'll leave it at Toytulip
Birthday: May 4th
Sign: Taurus
Favorite food: this could be a very long list. let's just say Nachos & Guacamole 
Favorite drink: Champagne/Prosecco 
Favorite color: Black & Pink 
Favorite song this week: Angel - Sarah McLachlan
Favorite outfit: heels, jeans and a chic top
Hobbies: cooking, reading, blogging, salsa-dancing, photography
Guilty pleasures: TV-series & magazines
Last dream you remember: I have very weird, vivid, action-oriented dreams and I remember most of them
What comes to mind when I say cabbage: rabbits - don't know where that came from! ;)
Have you ever met a celebrity: trough my jobs as a Hotel Receptionist and Event manager, I have met a lot of celebrities, both Romanian and International. (too many to list)
Favorite blogs:  highstreetcardigansrockstar diariesexquisitebanana
Celebrity Crush: right now: Ryan Gosling, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne
Favorite gadget: iPhone, camera 
Three things you can live without, but choose not to: Music, Starbucks, Internet
Play any instruments: I crossed paths with the violin and the guitar, but didn't get along with neither 
Best book you've ever read: I would rather say 'Favorite book' : Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers
Favorite quotation: If we are not happy, the mistake is within us
Favorite rainy day activity: watching series/reading
What do you do when you are stressed: ask for help   :)
Favorite time of the year: each season has it's beauty... (summer!)
Tattoos: I wished, a styled question mark - for all the things that are forever going to remain unknown to me
Favorite animal: most animals, especially puppies! :D
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter: I don't like peanut butter
Foreign countries you've visited: Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Morocco, Slovakia
Favorite candy: Werther's Original
Cake or pie: Cake 
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite flower: Tulips and Freesias (... & all of the other flowers!) 

Oh, the pretty skies!

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