Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 on 12(?)

 My best friend, Ana was visiting so we hit the town


 this is an amazing flower shop
 checked out the British library
 picked up some good advice :D
 browsed a Vinyl shop
 had a quick lunch
 finally got to try out wedding dresses...for the fun of it
 had coffee and cakes with the girls ;)

 so happy to see Mary as well
 finally got into some serious preoccupations, like finding a job...

 making our way home
 could you tell I am loving the snow?

 dinner via
 had loads of fun @ one of our favorite bars

It was a seriously lovely time. Not sorry about being late with the post. Not even one bit... :)

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Lill said...

cat de frumos fetelor!!!!!! va pup tare!!! :*

Jo said...

i was late too :) lovely set- i sure miss my girls days out!

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