Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to Romania

     It's always such a great feeling, going back home for 2 whole weeks, except when your main purpose is to fix administrative issue... Since I am a married woman, I had to make it totally official and actually change all my papers with the new name. Oh, if only things were as easy as they sound... But I am not going to unwrap all the nagging details, it was a lot of trouble and running around, but it was all fixed by the time I had to get back.

The complaining stops right there, because otherwise I enjoyed my time at home to the fullest. Got spoiled with hairdresser/mani/pedi service, spent lovely time with my mom, reconnected with an old friend, walked around the city, saw as many movies in the cinema as the time allowed, ate all sorts of goodies, met with good friends and even got to put together a little dinner party, bought some more books, watched a lot of Romanian television and most importantly, I have decided over my wedding dress.

It was a very good time and most especially week number 2, when my wonderful husband joined me. :D

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