Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine's ;)

     I know there are all sorts of people having all sorts of feelings and opinions about this day, but here is what I say: Surpassing the whole commercial aspect of it (no one is forcing you to BUY all the stuffed animals, glittery key chains, balloons, red/pink colored underwear, heart-shaped cakes), I see it as a great opportunity to celebrate LOVE. To celebrate all kinds of love. To celebrate the joy that certain people bring to our lives, whether it's your husband, boyfriend, mother, best friend, brother, children or mail man (no kinks over there). Yes, I know that we don't NEED a specific day to do all that, but isn't it nice that there is one?

Here's how we celebrated our first Valentine's as a married couple! :D

 we had a lovely candle-lit, picnic dinner in our living room

 I got a gorgeous bouquet of LOVE :)
 aaaand, against our not-so-sparkly-financials, we bought iPhones!!!

there was chocolate, wine, a bubble bath and some cute lingerie (NOT PICTURED) ;)

Maybe we'll do it again next week... - the iPhones! :D
Just because...

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