Monday, February 6, 2012

A wedding dream

     A wedding dream indeed... That is how I would describe this period. Everything plan-related is going great! Although there are plenty of choices to be made and plenty of options to choose from, I am thinking we are an abnormally relaxed couple! (Bridezilla is nowhere in site.)

     Of course, we had our little clashes regarding understanding our budget,  discussing what to do best on some topics, postponing things, delegating some stuff and the guest list. I must say putting together the guest list is, by far, the most difficult task. There are so many friends and people we would like to have at our side on that day, but in the same time we are trying to keep the wedding in certain limits. We are now remaking our Guest list number 3 and I am guessing there will be one more remake (at least!) after we send out our invitations.

     We are doing good, I would say. We are trying to always take a step back and remind each other that we must first of all enjoy this great event in our lives and that on the day, there will be no concerns, tensions or over-thinking, but joy, love, happiness, beauty and comfort.

     With my undecided and relatively impulsive character, I am trying the most to keep things going in a relaxed, positive environment and I have been blessed with truly amazing family and professionals, who do know what they are doing, how to help and what to say to eliminate any potential source of stress!

     Here goes a very special 'Thank You!' to my mother, for accomplishing all of my dreams with such ease, for still teaching me valuable lessons and bringing me all the comfort I may need. And to my lovely husband, whom I love more and more with each day that passes, for the love, patience, care, responsibility, protection, understanding and smiles that he provides to me unconditionally every single day we are together.

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