Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lately...on Instagram

I don't know if I should appreciate the simplicity provided by Instagram, or just apologize for being so lazy to take out my camera lately... But this will have to do for now... Here's what we've been up to... ;)

                   Trying Chinese food                                                               a breakfast

                     Crazy-sudden-snowy-day in April                                      Same day - 70km away

                   Celebrating Catholic Easter                                               Oh...yummm

              They are waiting for a baby                                                         Cat lover

                                      A perfect salad                                                   Evening in the neighborhood

           Finally got to making our picture wall                                              Healthy snack

                       Arabic dinner                                                                   Fruit bowl

                                   Orthodox Easter :)                                                Time at my favorite bookshop

                       My Ana visiting :)                                                                 in the city

                          yummmm                                                                       pizza night

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