Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back home ...

     Last week we managed to squeeze in a short trip to Romania in order to finalize our wedding plans and bookings...

     Phew....that was intense and basically consisted of a 4 day marathon, consisting of shopping sprees, meetings, contract-signings, final decision-making, distributors and providers choosing, flowers picking, clothes altering, body beautification - involving various appointments, invitations assigning, shoes searching and the first and second fittings of my wedding dress... May I just say... Phew! ...again! :D

     Although it may not have been the best of times, since we were always on the run, we have brought my mother in law along for the ride...first time in my country and my home! she handled it admirably and I hope she really enjoyed the insight! :D

     Obviously there was no time for touristy walks and picture-taking, so here are a (very) few snaps from my iPhone:

Boarding / Getting comfortable
 Up in the air
 Right-Left, Arad
 Flowers / Visiting my dad
 Humongous lemons / Tea
 Flowers for my upcoming B-day
 It only looks scary / A field of Geranium

 Did I mention the foooood?

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