Friday, June 8, 2012

What annoys you about your significant other?

This is a post inspired by A CUP OF JO...

     Truth be told... sometimes I feel I am not entitled to be annoyed by my husband, cos he is just so perfectly patient and understanding as far as I am concerned (not an easy task). But I found Joanna's post (and her commentators) so lovely and true, that I just have to put it out there. I am sure all of these small things are part of what makes our lives so beautiful and entertaining. They are all things I could forever put up with, as long as I get all the greatness in return. Just hope he will forever put up with mine...

Here are some of the things he annoys me with ( it actually took a while):

  • when I am trying to discuss something with him and his reaction is soooo slow
  • he gives a load of importance to things I don't even notice
  • he smells his socks after taking them off (yuck!)
  • he hates it when I use the word 'stupid'
  • the man simply does not know how to sneeze!
  • the looks he gives me when he disapproves of something, without saying what it is
  • he, sometimes, assumes how I would react to certain situations...
  • he hates throwing out leftovers 
  • (although he is an excellent driver) I always feel he brakes too late
  • he wipes dirty/dusty stuff with his bare fingers
  • he never re-uses the same glass for water!
  • he sure takes his time (at airport security, parking the car, making a point)
  • he makes me feel guilty for not being as well intentioned as he always is...

Here are some of the things (I think) I am annoying him with:

  • I am never on time and I just don't care
  • I am bossy/bitchy
  • I raise my voice when I am trying to make a point
  • I brag about being right all the time ( I am right a lot :P )
  • I am terribly impatient
  • I get easily irritated
  • I interrupt him while he speaks
  • I curse (sometimes)
  • I spend irresponsibly
  • I am sometimes arrogant in the statements I make
  • I am always speaking my mind...
  • I am very judgmental
  • I sleep too long on his free days (he gets bored)
  • I watch too many TV series (he is afraid for my mental health )  :)
  • I walk too fast
  • I can be very lazy
  • I love having things done my way or no way! 

     To all of these little peeves there are a million qualities that I appreciate and am thankful for. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him! I can't wait to be old and wrinkly and to only have the strength to remember these little things, that are going to eventually represent the character of our relationship and life together!

     I love you sweetheart! With all my annoying self! :)

P.S. A post about the positives I see in my sweet husband, coming soon! We are having our wedding in 2 weeks, after all! :)

Bachelorette party

     Oh, my! It has been a while since I felt inspired to sit down and write a post for my little blog... It wasn't the lack of activity that kept me from doing it, but the lack of time/mood/feel...

     My best girls Ana & Nina sort of surprised me by throwing a little bachelorette party for the 3 of us, in the form of a one day trip to Prague (my new found love)!

     It was great! Way beyond the fun I thought we'd have. From the laughter and story-telling on the road there, to the shopping session once we arrived, to the preparation, make-up and surprise veil I got to wear, to the great bar we went to spend the night...everything was awesome!

     There's nothing else to add, but a big 'thank you' to my girls, for making me feel really special! I hope to return the favor someday!  :D

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