Friday, June 8, 2012

Bachelorette party

     Oh, my! It has been a while since I felt inspired to sit down and write a post for my little blog... It wasn't the lack of activity that kept me from doing it, but the lack of time/mood/feel...

     My best girls Ana & Nina sort of surprised me by throwing a little bachelorette party for the 3 of us, in the form of a one day trip to Prague (my new found love)!

     It was great! Way beyond the fun I thought we'd have. From the laughter and story-telling on the road there, to the shopping session once we arrived, to the preparation, make-up and surprise veil I got to wear, to the great bar we went to spend the night...everything was awesome!

     There's nothing else to add, but a big 'thank you' to my girls, for making me feel really special! I hope to return the favor someday!  :D

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