Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last weekend

     What a great weekend this last weekend was! :D  Although we keep trying not to plan as much and relax more as weekends come, it looks like we keep finding things to do!

     This weekend started up with a lovely picnic by the Isar / then another in the beautiful English Garden / went for a little trip up to Nuremberg / they had the Bardentreffen, which is like a street music festival / discovered some pretty talented artists / partied away / had a great time / voted !

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer day!

     As previously mentioned, SUMMER has been pretty much missing around these parts, leaving us with rainy, grey, cloudy days. But then Tuesday happened! And it was great!  :)

     In the hopes that it would last for more than one day, we carried on with our pre-planned shopping spree at the mall and then met up with friends, in the warm evening, at Tollwood Summer Festival's last day of happening. It was especially nice. Sitting on our blanket on the grass, having beer (what else?) , chit-chatting away till the darkness came. There were so many people around, a band that kept on playing near by, good foods, awesome company and it all made for a really great atmosphere!

 ... and by the way, the next day it started raining again ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



  I have been reaching out lately to find inspiration in various places. Inspiration for self improvement, all things pretty, happiness and everyday life!

     All hail the mighty Blogosphere...I have got my Inspiration and much more from a couple of new (to me), lovely blogs :
      For some reason, discovering people that have become successful one way or the other, people that are willing to share their beauty, their experiences and thoughts with the greatest openness, is the most efficient motivator for me!

     I need to get my life in order from various perspectives and I wish to continue sharing all things (more or less) meaningful with you!

     Here we go...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wishful thinking...

     Unfortunately, the weather we have over here in Munich this month can not be called summer! So I thought, instead of bumming about it, I'd try to stay positive and surround myself with nice, warm visuals of sunnier days!

     Here's my inspiration for the weekend! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

long time...no see

..... I have been completely out of sight this past month...and I apologize for it! Good reason tough... Been traveling, meeting up with old friends, shopping, sitting in the sun, taking pictures, sightseeing, having our wedding... regular stuff! :)

     The great event has indeed passed, in a most successful manner, but I will share more on that later!

     I am happy to be back and promise to keep up posting and sharing all things interesting (to me) in a regular way!

     Toodles!   :D

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