Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sleeep ...... ...... ......

     Not having a serious day to day activity is seriously damaging...apart from the mild depression stages, over-analyzing, lack of motivation, laziness, uselessness feelings and frustration, there is the lack of sleep!

     My sleeping schedule is completely off...  reading blogs and magazines, watching all.possible.series, making lists and plans and thinking, that is what fills my nights till the early hours of the next day! And then comes the reverse, sleeping waaay past any normal's people limit...more like sleeping past other people's day time naps! 
     Before and after our wedding I have managed to keep track of my sleeping schedule and felt pretty proud in doing so, but as soon as I got out from whatever activity I had, I went back to my 'routine'. It is just so frustrating!

     I am now set to figuring out a way to improve the quality of our lives and decided we need to make some changes. Some of our habits are here only because it was, at times, the easy way out or just plain comfortable (read lazy). In my attempt, I am hoping to eliminate my 'busy' nights completely and enter the world of daytime birds!  :D

If this works...
...I'll keep you posted!

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