Monday, September 24, 2012

We've got...fishes :)

     Since my lovely husband saw this awesome fish tank in one of our best friend's home, he could not stop talking about it. I've never been a great fish fan, so it took a lot of convincing: 'you can decorate it however you want', 'I can keep it on my desk!',  'you will never have to clean it!'... he became more and more passionate about the subject...

     I started looking into it and must confess that after having read all the information, I was hooked!

     Sooo...for his birthday, in August, I have decided to fulfill his dream...that is what birthdays are for, or not?

     He came home to this, after dinner and dancing:

     and now it looks like this, waiting for it's fish:

     We are both beyond excited and looking forward to filling it up with the cutest , most colorful, little fish! :D

Flowers from my mother's garden

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A honeymoon story...

     We are back... the feelings of lost paradise have already grabbed their coats and umbrellas, cos we have been brought to reality... a 11 degrees reality, right here in Munich! :)

    Couldn't be happier of how everything turned out...the wedding and most especially the honeymoon that followed.

    Here are some insta-moments of the latter...

Thursday, September 6, 2012


     I've been looking forward to this moment.... flying far away, to a truly exotic destination, with my husband, hand in hand, in pure bliss!! Our honeymoon is here and we are packed and ready to embrace this beautiful experience! B-bye! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Arad

     Hello, everybody! :)  I've abandoned ship this past week, quite literally!

     I have spontaneously decided to get back home, to Arad and spend some quality time with my mommy dearest! Great idea, I might add... It was really nice being here without any particular occasion! Getting spoiled was on the menu, as was meeting good friends, shopping, great food, cinema and some beautification treatments, of course!

     I do feel a little bit sad that my hubby was left all alone back home, but I am happy for coming, nevertheless! :)

    Another couple of days and we will be off to our honeymoon! I can't wait! :D

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