Monday, September 24, 2012

We've got...fishes :)

     Since my lovely husband saw this awesome fish tank in one of our best friend's home, he could not stop talking about it. I've never been a great fish fan, so it took a lot of convincing: 'you can decorate it however you want', 'I can keep it on my desk!',  'you will never have to clean it!'... he became more and more passionate about the subject...

     I started looking into it and must confess that after having read all the information, I was hooked!

     Sooo...for his birthday, in August, I have decided to fulfill his dream...that is what birthdays are for, or not?

     He came home to this, after dinner and dancing:

     and now it looks like this, waiting for it's fish:

     We are both beyond excited and looking forward to filling it up with the cutest , most colorful, little fish! :D


Vision By MILA said...

nice.. I hate fish though :D

toytulip said...

Today is the day I will populate our aquarium and let you all know how I feel ;)

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