Sunday, October 7, 2012


     I find that being honest and true to yourself is becoming more of a challenge these days. How does one make it day to day, without confronting himself with the judgement of others?  How can we really live, the best lives we have been given? How do we know that the way we find ourselves on with the people that accompany us is where we truly belong?

     We were born to learn constantly and to strive for more, but I believe we have lost the notes on how to do that best. We are now guided by different feelings and we have found new purposes to things that should have been kept simple. We have tangled our lives with materialism, anger, ignorance, fake imagery and indiscipline. Doubting one's self is what we do and it mirrors in all of our actions. We are slowly becoming cheap copies of somebodies predictions from the past. Everyday we give in a little more. Compromising has become a second nature, but what are we really willing to let go? Cos it seems like we are letting go of everything we are supposed to be as people, populating this planet: our intellect, our humanity, our reasoning, our honesty, our purity, our joy. We have also exchanged freedom, courage, creativity and happiness for a couple of extra points on a social scale no one will ever lay eyes on... And where does all of that leave us?

    I feel we are left alone, mute and useless, drowning in our own sadness and suffering for the lack of all of those good, healthy feelings we were once born with. We are wasting more today than ever before. We are wasting our lands, our resources, our capability, our health, our money and ultimately, our lives.

    Where does this all come from? Take it as a bunch of rambles, nurtured by a glimpse of honesty. It will probably go away soon, as we are sitting here, being brainwashed some more.

     One thing makes me really happy...that I am still able to recognize the greatness of people still managing to live their lives proud, clean and happy. People that still know the power of their words and the value of their creativity. It is unfortunate though, that meeting this type of people is seldom...

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