Friday, November 9, 2012


     Last week we have finally checked Istanbul off of our places-to-go wish list! It was a short, 4-days trip and I find myself in the situation of not really knowing what to say about it... So I have come up with this:
+ Istanbul
  • It is rightfully called the Gate of the Orient, since it has the most amazing mix of cultures between Europe and Asia
  • Their mosques - found absolutely everywhere, set to offer guidance to so many
  • The "cool" factor - I believe that some of the coolest people in the world live in Istanbul
  • The places - apart from the very touristic areas, Istanbul has really cool spots, bars, eateries, shops, libraries, etc.
  • It is modern - the youth of Istanbul is by no means behind of the times
  • The food - börek,  kebab, köfte, gözleme, hamsi, pide, baklava, künefe, muhalebi, helva, dried fruits and nuts of all kinds...delicious!
  • It is unbelievably clean - this was a true surprise considering there are around 15 mil. people living there, not to mention the tourists
  • the politeness and friendliness of locals - no matter where we were or what it was that we needed, people were very open and friendly
  • Turkish pride - there were flags hanging everywhere, on the streets, in shops, on people's windows

- Istanbul
  • be very careful with the hotel you choose, as some will shamelessly lie about their location and standards
  • the crowd - it is absolutely insane how many people there are and there is no way of escaping it
  • lack of language skills - unfortunately a lot of people don't really speak English, apart from a few needed phrases
  • beware of the street sellers - ready to rip you off and trying to shove whatever they sell down your throat!
  • be careful with your pockets


Paulina said...

Super nice! I would love to visit there too!! Excited for more pics =)

toytulip said...

...more pics coming right up! Problem is I have about 1000 of them and it's kind of difficult to choose! :D

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