Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My mom is visiting! ! !

.....and I am obviously very excited about it! :) It was a very spontaneous opportunity and we spontaneously took it! I am so glad she is here and we get to spend a little extra time together, especially since my lovely husband will be away on a business trip! It will be all about us girls! :)

     It is also very nice being overly spoiled these days(as if I wasn't spoiled enough already), like only a momma can spoil a daughter! Ya know... house is clean, laundry is all done, there are flowers everywhere and the food...oh the yummy food!!! :) 

     Things have been pretty hectic for me lately. We are in the midst of planning our near future and a lot of changes are coming our way(more about that later), so inspiration for this blog has been more on the low side. But I do promise to keep on posting and share more interesting news soon!

Take care everyone!! :)

 lunch at News Bar

  sunny weather in Marienplatz
 a little shopping was in order
 got home with some very threatening clouds

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