Saturday, January 12, 2013

To the New Year!

     Although we find ourselves well into the new year, I feel I am due to make a post about my future plans, hopes and resolutions....
      I find it kind of funny how a change of date can have such a huge effect on people's motivation and flair... And I even heard people laughing at the idea of putting together a list of to do's for the year to come...
     Well, let me tell you... I have been making these lists for a long time, they are usually very consistent, as I write all kinds of stuff on them aaand most times, they really come true!!
     I put on everything that I think would make me happy if it happened...some points are bigger than others, some are materialistic, some spiritual, some are private and some even refer to the ones near to me, but they are all directed at finding a bit of happiness... 
     I don't usually share these points to anyone, until the end of the current year, when my husband and I open them (he has one of his own) and check all the things that came true... This time , however, I would like to share some with you:
  • Travel some more (maybe Paris, London, Berlin, Riga)
  • Take some photography classes/improve my photography skills
  • Read at least 6 books
  • Start and keep a sports regimen
  • Get a new pair of Converse shoes
  • Be more positive
  • Be more patient
  • Start learning Arabic
  • Buy flowers once/week
  • Keep a food journal
  • Improve my blog

     I am happy to report that I have started the year quite well! Just purchased a lovely bouquet of tulips (the first ones this year).

     I have already tried a Zumba class, which I will be joining once a week. I still hope to manage to eat better (I have no eating schedule) and as the good weather comes, score some jogging time as well...

     I have started a photography course that I found to be quite cool and practical, even though the German language does give me a little bit of extra work, since all the programs and camera settings I use are in English... 

     I also met up with a freelance photographer to pick her brains about tips and tricks and she also promised to bring me along the next time she has some interesting work. 

     I finished reading Blog.Inc  this week...I found it really nicely put together and helpful! And that brings me to the last point of my little list...

     Blogging has become such a great part of my time... A true passion, so I figured it wouldn't hurt actually taking it a little more serious. I am not promising über regular posting times or the greatest of information, but I did already purchase my domain (now, if I could only know how to set it up), planned a few future posts and decided to change all the photos I ever (wrongfully) took and used  from Pinterest and substitute them with my own (that is going to be an interesting project)!

     I sincerely hope that all of you, by-passers, are going to have a joyful year, full of fulfillment and the best accomplishments! I will be counting on any advice given trough your comments and any kind of support! :) 

     Thank you all! 
     Best wishes, 

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