Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Talking to the moooon...

    Yup! Here I am... another sleep-LESS night! It is 4:30 in the morning!! Buhuhuuu!!!

     Every now and again my sleep pattern goes haywire. It all starts with a little deviation from the regular sleep schedule...due to a late night out or me trying to explore a little to much into the wonders of the internet and BAM! No more sleep!

     I hate it! I hate that I don't have a normal schedule like everyone else I now.
     I hate that I am lacking determination to turn off all devices and proceed with a 'sleep' ritual each evening (taking off make-up, having some calming tea, reading a book, etc.).
     I hate that I can not turn off my mind once I am in bed. It just keeps... thinking!!
     I hate not finding that oh, so sweet, comfortable spot to take me to dreamland.
     I hate feeling so frustrated abut all of the above.
     I hate wasting yet another day, cos I won't be capable to wake up on a normal schedule!

     Otherwise, I am feeling happy, healthy and serene! :)

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