Sunday, February 10, 2013

My mom was here!

     And today she went back home to Romania! Boy, am I going to miss her! We have such a wonderful relationship right now and communication is at it's best! Well, we are speaking like mature people unlike the crazy,  rebellious, impulsive me from 8-9 years ago!

     I always had a great connection to my mom. She brought me up (almost) by herself and as my capability of understanding what that meant grew, so did the respect and appreciation that I felt for her!

     She really is an amazing person, who has accomplished so much in her life, a true symbol of feminine strength and an immense source of inspiration! Yup! That is who my mom is and a lot more...

     So we had a very good time together these last couple of weeks. Went around town, rode the metro up and down,  shopped, checked out Ikea and Poco Domäne, visited the countryside and dined in a few lovely restaurants in Munich. Here is a short review from me:

     Myra is a great restaurant with Turkish specialties, where we actually had our wedding ceremony dinner last December! Love the ambiance, the service and their food... the Myra salad, Kalte-Warme Vorspeiseteller and Baklava are a must! (not very cheap, but won't drill a hole in your budget).

    The Grill - well, if you are going to get fancy.... Great location! Unfortunately, not at all my type of place... very businessy, not much of a choice in the menu, since their specialty is THE COW in all it's shapes, tastes and forms. Extremely expensive, definitely a place for connoisseurs or at least people with a wish to impress... As far as we were concerned, we only tried their entree's and than ran out the door laughing!

     Trattoria 'La Bruschetta' is a lovely place we stumbled upon one very snowy night, so I decided to take my mom over for dinner and a chat, since they have a very cosy atmosphere, nice waiters and great pasta and wine! It is definitely not a 'hip' kind of place, but lovely in a low key manner! Prices are very good as well!

     And then we had a collective dinner as soon as everyone returned from their more or less exotic destinations, at Zur Brez'n. I really enjoyed the place! They have a great mix of traditional-Bayrisch and modern, both as far as the food and atmosphere go! On the downside, it gets very crowded, very fast and service, although provided in Bayrisch Tracht (traditional costume), can be quite slow.

     In the end, nothing can be as good and welcomed as the food from the German countryside! :)

      I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I got carried away and forgot about it, in spite of having the camera with me almost everywhere!

     Have a great week, everybody! :)

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