Thursday, March 7, 2013

My photography course

    Last month I finished the basic photography class that I so desperately wanted to take here in Munich. While it wasn't all I have hoped for, since I've already started reading lots of tips and tutorials about photography before, it was good. Despite the language issue (me not being as comfortable in German as I am in English), I did learn new things and that is the most important aspect of all! :)

    Some would say that learning a bit about composition and light positioning, improved my pictures already... Can you imagine what more practice will do?   :D

     All jokes aside, I am happy that I got myself started, since photography is a major hobby of mine. I enjoyed the class and the expertise of my teacher, the examples she gave us and the willingness to answer all our questions.

     Here are some pictures we took throughout the class. Please keep in consideration that the subjects weren't always the most inspirational, but the freezing temperatures outside prevented us from exploring our surroundings.

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