Friday, March 29, 2013

Spilling the beans...

     True, I have been back from Abu Dhabi since Sunday, but have literally had no time or the appropriate mood to write down about our wonderful trip.

     It was soooo great! I fell deeply in love with the city of Abu Dhabi! Although I have read so much about it before, saw the pictures and the travel forums, the experience itself was still way beyond my expectations. It is such a modern place, with great roads and well designed buildings, beautifully landscaped parks and green areas, great food in really great restaurants and hotels and all the other services and facilities one can dream of are easily provided. Did I mention the people? Everyone is so nice, open and helpful. There are people of all possible nationalities living together and working in a peaceful relaxed environment. There is a good lifestyle for pretty much any taste, preference or budget!

     Abu Dhabi is the place to be in, and that is coming from a rather pretentious person. It is good of me to feel this way about it since... you've guessed it, we are going to call this place home for the next few years (at least). That is the 'not so new' news!  We have known about it for a few months now, but I didn't want to speak of it on the blog before we had a signed contract in hand. (That was a tough one to keep quiet about).

     We've been scouting houses and finally decided on a smaller apartment (there are no small apartments in Abu Dhabi) to get us started, just until we figure out our way around the city and life there and determine what our needs are going to be. We loved the area there, it is very reasonably positioned towards the city and my husband's place of work. The surroundings are welcoming and we have a kick-ass view to keep us company in those hot months to come...

Here are a few quick photos, before I will unravel a few separate posts about all the things we've seen and loved in Abu Dhabi!

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