Monday, April 8, 2013

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

     I still have to comply with the promise to post more pictures from my Abu Dhabi trip, it's just that I have had so much on my mind I just couldn't get around to it.

     Here it is! It's a truly beautiful and peaceful place. It literally took my breath away the first time I laid eyes on it on our way into the city from the airport and I visited twice! I absolutely find it fascinating, just like a number of other things from the Emirati culture!

   The size of 5 football fields and fitting 40000 people, it's the eight biggest mosque in the world. And it's an absolute wonder in design and construction...


Rachel said...

What beautiful photos!

toytulip said...

Thank you, Rachel! :D I think the 'subject' was simply amazing and that transpires into the pictures as well... :)

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