Sunday, May 12, 2013 it me you're looking for?

     I have arrived! Not so sure that I am completely comprehending the fact that I LIVE HERE, but it sure is a nice feeling. The sun was a very nice welcome as soon as I landed, I was greeted with smiles and everything went on smoothly. My husband surprised me at the airport with a rose and there was a car waiting for us...

     Day 1, had a wonderful breakfast comprising of labneh, hummus, veggies and a big bowl of delicious fruits and already got a professional mani-pedi. What more could a person wish for?

     Checked out a couple of furniture shops and realized that the options are quite limited as far as western furniture styles go...  Soooo... Ikea? :)

    We'll see about that, no hurry over here! My husband and I are committed to even sleeping on an inflatable mattress until we find that perfect bed! Maybe I will do a step by step of our home purchases here on the blog.

     And seriously,  with views as the one above to look at, who could complain about anything?


Rachel said...

Please don't tell me that's the view from your apartment - I might DIE with jealousy!

toytulip said...

Please don't die! :) I am looking at it right now, at night time! :D Promise to update my blog soon... I've only had time for furniture browsing and cleaning... definitely not blogging material! :D

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