Thursday, May 30, 2013

On being healthy...

     It's not the first time I reveal my (increasing) interest in healthy lifestyle here on the blog, but never actually set up a plan for myself (and the hubby). 

     With moving to Abu Dhabi I thought it would be the perfect occasion to start working on it. We've got perfect (hot) weather all year round, obviously implying that there is nowhere to hide under thick, large sweaters, we've got a plenitude of outdoor activities, we've got free(!) access to swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts and a gym... Now I am not mentioning all of that to rub it in anyone's face, BUT... if we won't make it here...we won't make it anywhere and may I add...we are the biggest loosers (literally)!
     And so we are trying to make a plan. I have researched and read about a multitude of philosophies in regard to what being healthy means for different people and it's true that there are ongoing researches and plenty of stuff to still learn on the topic, but what is clear to me so far, is that there is no super-secret-miracle-way to get you to living a long healthy life, as free from illness and bad experiences as possible. It sure takes some effort and commitment, but I believe it is worth changing our lives! If not for looking better and fitting into tighter jeans now, then at least for what we will be passing down to our children and the ease of our old age days... It's a true choice to be made!

     Step one...we purchased a pretty great juicer and blender. I agree with the fact that you have to clean, heal and feed your body from the inside out. It all starts with making better choices in the way we are feeding ourselves. There is no denying that juicing and blending raw fruits and vegetables is a great way of achieving just that...Bring great nutritional value directly to the source! Super-foods like Spirulina, Wheat grass, Chia seeds, Acai berries, etc, definitely add to the experience. 

     I agree with the 'common sense rule', that says 'if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it'  or  'if it takes a lab to create it, it will take a lab to digest it'. No one is saying that we need to start reading every single word on our labels, but giving them a quick glance to check if any of the ingredients sound familiar at all, that is something we can all do...
     Trying to give up refined sugars, artificial flavors, hydrogenated anythings, as well as corn syrup deviations, amongst other crazy man-made chemicals.

     Another 'rule' that I find perfectly applicable is eating good, healthy foods, at least comprised in 60% of our diet. And that means, not having to give up the burger and ice-cream if the majority of the time we are gorging on healthy nutritious stuff. That means our bodies will have a better capability of fighting off the toxins and negative effects of the 'bad, delicious, foods' we allow ourselves to have. 

     Salads can be tasty! There are a million combos that we can imagine for ourselves and if we are lacking imagination, Google is just a step away from a world full of delicious recipes. 

     Oatmeal, granola, muesli, seeds, dried fruits. It can all taste delicious if you have the right mindset for it. And these are some seriously great options for anyone's breakfast. Combine with some berries or peaches and organic yoghurt and you are set, my friend!

     Water!!! Still trying to work on drinking plenty of water every day. Taking my vitamins and probiotics twice a day does help, as I usually have them with >< 500 ml of water. But still trying to get in better terms with it.

     Relaxation! Now that is the one thing we have the least knowledge about. Both me and (especially) my husband need to learn what it is and how to do it. ASAP! 
     Stress is the greatest happiness inhibitor, and although it only means changing your own perception on things and working with the power of your thoughts, it is still one of the most difficult elements to combat... 

     Last, but not least, we need to start moving. We have ran out of excuses and as of now, we have all the amenities right here where we live. We must move! 
     I truly believe that nothing works properly in the very static environments that we adapted to and that is not how our bodies were created and designed to properly function. Damn, that couch is comfy, but will it make me feel good about myself as opposed to spending at least 1 hour a day doing something active? 

     So there you have it! It's not exceptionally rigorous, nor is it meant to be set in stone. But I think it is a good basic idea of the direction we want to take. We had plenty of years of trying out all the foods, good or bad, existing on the market. Now it's time to be picky and only have what is truly delicious AND good for our bodies.

     Will let you know how it goes for us...


Rachel said...

I completely agree with the lab comment - I'm trying to remove processed foods from my diet completely...but I do have a weakness for processed bread (I guess it reminds me of England!).

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about how you're getting on :-)

toytulip said...

It's amazing what a shift in perception a little research can give you... Of course, I am trying not to exaggerate and still looove lots of different foods that contain all sorts of unknown ingredients, but as long as I keep the intake of such substances to a minimum, there is no harm in enjoying once in a while. That is why I am a fan of the 60% - 40% idea. All we need to do is give our amazing bodies a helping and, as they are definitely able to do the hard work of cleansing themselves.
So far I think we are off to a good start and I will make an update post soon!

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