Sunday, June 30, 2013

This month...

   I want to...
  • Keep taking my vitamins
  • Juice - Juice - Juice
  • Take more pictures/keep up the learning process
  • Finish decorating our home
  • Paint a few of the furniture pieces
  • Read
  • Explore our surroundings some more
  • Go to the beach
  • Meet new people
  • Be more financially responsible (that's a tough one)  
  • Cook more at home/try new recipes/new produce 
  • Start working out at our gym 
  • Send postcards
  • Be happy, it's summer all year long!  

Arad - quick snaps

     I have found these little pieces of home still left on my camera and decide to share a few...
We have some pretty girls with an attitude, flowers from the garden, a sunset rushed trough the car windshield, animals roaming freely  and some snaps from our terrace.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


     Yes...i know how ridiculous it is to be thinking about vacation, considering where we've just moved... But we are so overly excited to discovering this part of the world, that we just can't help but wish to see more of it, as fast as possible!

     We figured, we already LIVE in Abu Dhabi, right next to Dubai, so we will have plenty of time to explore our close surroundings, but vacation should imply traveling and seriously, did you see how those pictures look like?

     So we thought about hoping down to Thailand, check that out... (Are you still catching my irony on the subject?!)

      Never thought I would get to see places like that, however they are now a reality in my life and I couldn't be happier and more grateful for the opportunity! :D

     We are still trying to decide on the best option to book, but until then, here you have some pics I shamelessly stole from Flickr (!)...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adventures in film photography

     I have already shared my new-found appreciation and love for Munich as a place and all the people that we have left there, but seeing these film pictures made me feel it even more!
    I have missed film photography. The fact that each picture is unique and a bit out of control is indeed thrilling.
    Here are some pictures I randomly took in the 4 days I have spent with friends and loved ones, how else if not outside, enjoying the beautiful summer nights!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blast from the past...

     Actually, I have no idea where the title of this post came from, is what it is! :D

 My mother-in-law moved in to our former Munich apartment. This was great news, since it spared me a lot of the hassle of having to clear out an apartment. We actually left a lot of our stuff there for, kitchen utensils, TV, etc. One thing we didn't leave, was our picture-wall setup. As I took our photos away, there were a bunch of nails left behind on the naked wall. Since she isn't so tech-savvy to use the external hard-drive, select pictures, transfer on usb and eventually print them out herself, I decided to do that for her.

I must say, browsing trough all of our old pictures was a really nice experience. It can be thrilling and eye-opening to see how we evolved, all of the things we shared together and the places we visited.

It definitely made me have a more positive outlook on life and enjoy the moment a bit more. Because that joy is what makes for amazing pictures to browse trough in the future!

Monday, June 17, 2013


     I've thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent back home in Romania, although it did get a little hectic towards the end of my stay.
     Unfortunately I didn't put my camera to much use, since it was most practical to use the phone, so here are some moments I captured on my Instagram!

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