Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blast from the past...

     Actually, I have no idea where the title of this post came from, is what it is! :D

 My mother-in-law moved in to our former Munich apartment. This was great news, since it spared me a lot of the hassle of having to clear out an apartment. We actually left a lot of our stuff there for, kitchen utensils, TV, etc. One thing we didn't leave, was our picture-wall setup. As I took our photos away, there were a bunch of nails left behind on the naked wall. Since she isn't so tech-savvy to use the external hard-drive, select pictures, transfer on usb and eventually print them out herself, I decided to do that for her.

I must say, browsing trough all of our old pictures was a really nice experience. It can be thrilling and eye-opening to see how we evolved, all of the things we shared together and the places we visited.

It definitely made me have a more positive outlook on life and enjoy the moment a bit more. Because that joy is what makes for amazing pictures to browse trough in the future!

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